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1 of 28* (*Edit: 29 – forgot it was leap year)

February 1, 2012


I miss the Photo Throwdown. So! For the month of February I am going to take a photo everyday at 4:44 when I am ever so politely reminded by my iPhone alarm.


365: We did it.

January 2, 2012

Despite my failure to post December’s photos in a timely fashion, I still want to do something with photography in 2012. I head back into the darkroom in January to continue processing my pictures.

I’m never going to be a “photographer” or at least on the professional level.  I can’t imagine finding the money for the lenses and bodies and lights.  But pictures and my collection of old cameras are two of my favourite things in life.

A picture a day wasn’t a difficult challenge for someone like me. I love capturing moments, oddities and everything in between. I took 10,175 pictures this year (not including film) – that’s 28 a day.

The thing I hated was that wordpress wouldn’t fit my photos from the mobile app into the page size. I had to go in and manually format every single photo.

I probably won’t continue the throwdown in its current format. But what can I do? A monthly round-up? Weekly? Any suggestions?

I will also try to post my 100 of 2011. It’s a nice way to look back at the year in photos. That’s likely coming this afternoon. (Two posts in one day? Yes.)

And… finally… your final shot of the year.

Balderdash! (iPhone 4 - December 31st)

Check out Andrea Woo’s blog to see how she did.


336-364: Photographing happens, posting doesn’t.

December 31, 2011

To make up for the last 20+ days, here are two slideshows worth of photos:

First: Christmas on the Island with my family

Second: The rest of December


A photo, every day, all year. Tomorrow is the final day with Andrea Woo.


335-338: West of the West weekend

December 7, 2011


Spent the weekend in Nanaimo, Tofino and Ucluelet with Lefty the Australian.  We had a lovely time.  Sorry the slideshow has so many pictures!

Whilst Andrea Woo prepares to never take another picture again, I’m considering the idea of trying to make it to 1000.  But is it a photo throwdown if I’m the only one in it?


334: And then there was one… month.

November 30, 2011

The view, again. (November 30th)

This past month I’ve been terrible at updating the blog with photos for the throwdown.  Thankfully, it hasn’t stopped me from taking pictures.  In fact, with a darkroom class at Dunbar Community Centre, I’ve been throwing myself back into film photography as well as using more than just an iPhone as of late.

I’m off to Tofino this weekend, so hopefully I have some good shots to upload come Monday.  No storms as I had hoped, but relaxation will still be in order.  Wish me luck. 😉

A photo, every day, all year. We’re into final weeks here with Andrea Woo.


333: Darkrooming

November 30, 2011

Teacher is late. Can't get into the darkroom. (November 29th)


A photo, every day, all year. We’re into final weeks here with Andrea Woo.


332: Guess who is back on the beat?

November 30, 2011

Vancouver Park Board's Constance Barnes holding a picture of her father MLA Emery Barnes who went on welfare for a month in 1986 and lived in the Downtown Eastside. (November 28th)


A photo, every day, all year. We’re into final weeks here with Andrea Woo.