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2013. It’s here.

January 4, 2013

New Year's Eve with Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians

How 2013 will be different from 2012:

1. My family will be bigger. My brother and his wife are expecting their first child – my first niece or nephew.

2. I will have a new job.  In fact, I will have two new jobs starting in the next few days. I went from no work to a whole lotta work in a hurry. Neither are reporting jobs, nor are they media jobs. It’s really a new career beginning.

3. I will be staying close to home. The travels of 2012 will (unfortunately) not be repeated. We are getting several visitors from Australia. We’ll trek to Calgary to see the new one. We will also head to Toronto for the wedding of an old friend. It was a year of engagements among my friends (at least according to Facebook), 2013 will be weddings and 2015 will be babies.

4. With less long-distance travel comes more close-to-home exploration.  I intend to spend more time on local mountains this winter, hiking, camping and kayaking in the summer.

5. I will know how to drive standard. This is more of a hope than a reality.  I have taken a few lessons so far but it’s painful.  After 15 years of driving, I’m finding the process utterly frustrating.  I know I’m a good driver but the skills fail to translate – and if you’ve ever honked at a vehicle clearly marked “student driver”… you’re a dick.

6. Steady as she goes for the relationship. We’ve lived together over a year – awesome. We’ve met all the family and friends – smooth.  We’re approaching two years together – still magical.

7. Orgle will be a permanent resident. The paperwork was submitted over 6 months ago. Whenever he checks the wait times, it has gotten longer. It’s now about year. (And he was fast-tracked through the process.)

8. The unexpected. Each year brings challenges not foretold. You have to be excited for them. I know I am.


White. Out.

January 25, 2012

Since Lefty and I started dating, we’ve gone somewhere every month.  They aren’t always far away trips, but getting out of town and seeing our province is a priority.  This weekend we drove, two friends in tow, to Kamloops and Sun Peaks.

The last time I did a winter drive like this one was when I lived in Edmonton and I was heading down to Calgary with an ex for an interview. Our rental car had about 8km on it when we got it, and off we went into the great white winterland.  We almost got to Red Deer when a passing semi left us in a white out.  We had just passed a jeep that was swerving around.  We were at the front of a caravan of cars. But when the semi blew by, we saw nothing.  Danny tried to hold the wheel straight, but there was a curve in the road and we went off.  We were lucky.  No damage to the car, despite an ice-crusted layer higher than the hood. Someone saw us go off the road and pulled over to drive us into town. Despite a towing ban due to the terrible weather, we were pulled out.  We got the last, way overpriced, room in Red Deer. We made it to Calgary the next morning and made it back home a day later. But for days, all I could see when I closed my eyes was white.

This weekend felt too similar.

Blowing snow, semis, and a stretch between Kamloops and Merritt that I never want to live again.  Maybe taking up skiing is a bad idea?  Traveling in the winter doesn’t sit well with me.


286: How did I get so attached?

October 14, 2011


My car almost made it to the scrap yard on Thursday. Traffic prevented it. Saturday it gets scrapped.

It makes me sad. The car still works. It has served me well for over 5 years. But the act of selling it on Craigslist was too much of a pain. So it goes to the scrap yard and I will get 50% off a bike.

If you see this post before the morning and you have a way to get me more than a credit towards a bike for a car that is in working order, let me know.

The boyfriend has a car. Eventually I’ll learn how to drive it – standard. But other than driving to sporting activities and places that should be easier by bus, car culture does not suit me.  I will rent forever if it means not becoming a commuter.

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May 30, 2011



18: Shot from the car

January 18, 2011


Shot from the car (iPhone 4 - January 18, 2011)

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