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September 17, 2013

Today was my 32nd birthday. It’s also my last day in Vancouver as I pursue a new career path in Ottawa next week.

While this blog is a record (and a broken record at that) of all the things wrong with Vancouver, it did become home. Edmonton is my hometown; Vancouver was my home.  Truth is, I’m sad to be leaving. But I won’t miss the entitled masses and the superiority complex driven by some studies saying this is the best place in the world to live.

A friend put it more eloquently than I can:

“Vancouver is a city, a very nice one at that. But it is a lot harder to leave the people you love (or like, choose whichever word you prefer) than it is a city. There are lots of cities in the world, and they will always be there when you are. Not so much the people.”

He is struggling with the fact that during an extended travel, many of his friends will have left this city. Opportunities, adventures and love take us elsewhere. I tell friends, this is a permanent move, but it is not forever.

I have few close friends from Edmonton these days. Moving here gave me a good idea of who would make the effort and who would fail. It’s not a judgement of character. You can only have so many friends (or at least that’s the case for me) and inevitably, some don’t last.

So it will be a chance to see who sticks and who doesn’t. In my 8+ years on the West Coast, I’ve made some great friends – the kind you hope will last forever. We’ll see.

We will be back. Hell, we’re now about 8 months from our wedding – to be planned from across the country. If I was blogging regularly, all I’d do is complain about that process and the expectations driven by the wedding industry. But I digress..

My birthday was a familiar day in British Columbia. Grey, rain, a lengthy wait for a ferry, infuriating traffic, and take-out sushi. While a move 4,700km is not going to clear up all those issues, it is going to give Orgle and I our own little adventure.

It all starts after this sleep.


Went camping. Made a Gif.

July 28, 2013

Embedding it kept failing.

Here’s the link.


Went to Alberta. Met nephew. Looked at bones. Cuddled with dogs.

June 4, 2013


7 years

June 29, 2012

7 years

Okay, so I haven’t done a great job posting lately, but the blog still exists after 7 years! Here’s to a decade! I will post again soon. Give me a couple weeks and then I might have some big news. 🙂



May 8, 2012

ImageCan you believe it? It’s been two months since I last checked in.  I actually kept up with my #444photo long after I stopped posting them here. I also kept taking pictures, took a family road trip, and watched as the Canucks stumbled out of the playoffs (photographing them just prior).

I started a second job, teaching social media and blogging at the Vancouver Film School.

(Note: If my students find this blog, they should realize I’m not using good SEO techniques. But I’m also not trying to parlay my blog into a world audience scenario, it’s merely an exercise in finding my voice that has lasted nearly 7 years.)

I celebrated a year with my wonderful Australian, #Orgle. It’s not that I was an unhappy sourpuss before (I was), but now, despite the ups and downs, I am genuinely happy. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it happened with him around.

We are off to Newfoundland in July to explore St. John’s, Gros Morne and L’Anse aux Meadows. It won’t be the end of our travels this year though anything else is not quite so planned. 😉

I’m struggling to figure out how to use this blog again. The Photo Throwdown breathed some life into it last year but my photos are better suited for flickr and tumblr (which is really just an Instagram feed).

Maybe I should start posting my favourite tiny houses. It’s one of my obsessions. When I sit in court, listening to the details that wouldn’t come close to being part of my already short 35 second radio voicer, I design them. My RSS reader is full of blogs about tiny houses, interior design for tiny spaces and other oddities of architecture. Free Cabin Porn is my porn. (My favourite one today.)

Seriously. I love the idea of living minimally. I like having stuff, but if I don’t have room for it, I don’t have it. If I could convince someone in Vancouver who has a big yard they don’t use, or a garage just taking up space, I’d love to build a laneway home.

One of my biggest beefs with society (and despite my recent happiness, I still have beefs), is people living beyond the space they need. It forces people into commuting. It forces people into cars. It forces people into spending less time with those they love.

It forces people into making a choice, one which seems highly unsustainable.


I’ll find something.

Mostly this is just my way of saying, I’m here.


iPhone Faces gone wrong – Riot edition

March 11, 2012

iPhone Faces gone wrong - Riot edition


32 of 29

March 3, 2012


#444photo of dinner (it’s a chicken)