The best liquor stores in Vancouver (and my new blog)

August 6, 2012

First of all, let me get this out of the way. I have a new blog: The West Cider

It’s a cider blog, because *surprise* I like cider.

In the past five years, craft beer brewing has taken off here in BC, following the lead (somewhat) of our friends down south (especially in Oregon). I think craft cider can’t be far behind.  I know it will never be to the extent of other beverages, but some variety would be appreciated by…well…me.

So, how about the best liquor stores in Vancouver? Sure, I got you here with that promise. The truth is, these are just my favourite liquor stores.

My favourites are those with a good cider and craft beer selection.  I like wine too, but you can find something decent in pretty much every store (even Newfoundland!).

Honourable mention (and probably better than #5 or #4 if I take the sentimentality out of it): Darby’s Liquor Store in Kitsilano

5. Lennox Liquor Store in City Square Mall – For the last five years, it’s been the closest liquor store to my work (and at times, my home) which means, it has been the source of many most of my drinks.  Your options for hard liquor aren’t wide-ranging, but it has a little bit of all the things I like.

4. Viti Liquor Store – I avoid downtown Vancouver. I only go there if I have to. (Now that I’m soon-to-be unemployed, that may change if an opportunity arises.)  Viti does a good job of bringing in lots of different stock in a small space.   Prices aren’t the best, but I’d rather pay a bit more for something different than less for the same old.

I didn’t really feel like putting these three in some arbitrary order, so they all are number one:

1. Firefly Fine Wines and Ales – (Not just for Vancouver! If you’re in Maple Ridge, there’s a location there!) It’s not a big back cold room, but I get lost in those two aisles of beer.  There’s only about one shelving unit that I need to ignore completely, and there’s a good choice of ciders as I walk in.  Note: It can be very cold in there.

1. Legacy Liquor Store in the Athletes’ Village – I talked about getting lost in the beer fridge at Firefly, but Legacy, if not for its high ceilings, you’d get lost in the store itself. It’s really big. I took a friend there last week. You could see her eyes light up as she walked in the doors. It was also the only place I could find Tempt Cider. It’s no longer there, but I hear it’s coming back. (Check my Cider blog for more info.)  Also, they host some cool events.

1. Brewery Creek on Main Street – Remember how I said I work by Lennox Liquor Store? Well for several years, this was the closest liquor store to my home.  Even before the renovations, they were bringing in lots of great craft beers, but since they expanded, the selection is just fantastic. It has had a great cider selection as long as I can remember.

Note: Government liquor stores are fine. I don’t like the hours. I don’t like the cider selection (which is none). I don’t like the fact that beer is not sold cold. However, the prices are decent.  But, like I mentioned, I’d rather pay an extra quarter or buck to support an independent store bringing in creative options.

Where do you pick up a brew? Are there Vancouver liquor stores I’m totally missing out on…



  1. Erin,

    Sorry if I missed something but soon to unemployed? What’s going on?

  2. […] this one at Legacy Liquor Store. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could find it at others of my favourite liquor stores (link to my personal blog). Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  3. […] liquor store in the Athletes’ Village is one of my favourite liquor stores.  One thing I like is all the special events, tastings, etc. they put on.  I check their listings […]

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