August, Australia and Dawson’s Creek

July 29, 2012

Here we are, just days away from August.

Summer starts every year.
And then you have a realization that it is running out.
That’s where I am now.

The season started with some ligaments gone awry. I hoped my ankle would be a quick fix but nearly six weeks later it’s still not close to soccer and volleyball-ready.

As you may have noticed below, we had a pretty spectacular trip to Newfoundland. And the travel doesn’t end there.

Every month of our relationship, Orgle and I have gone somewhere.

At the end of this month, we’re off to Australia. It’s a big trip. The flight is long, the cost is great, and the reason is important. Orgle is from that land down under. This will be my first chance to meet the rest of his family, including his mom, and see the foreign continent where he was raised.

In just over two months, we will visit opposite ends of the globe. From St. John’s, NF to Adelaide, Australia.

When I return in mid-September, I will not have a job. I have made this known to my employer (this isn’t a spoiler).

As I delve into free-agency for the first time in 6 years, I’m at ease. I’m sure I will freak out upon the realization there is no money coming in and I haven’t adequately saved for it. But for now, I feel 100% certain I need something new.

For as long as this blog has existed, I have injected change into my life via moving, dating and taking on different roles at work. I don’t want to move. I never want to date again. So why not find out if there’s a perfect job out there for me?

Chances are I don’t find it. But I gotta try.

So what does Dawson’s Creek have to do with any of this?

Nothing. I’m watching the pilot. I figure season 1 will take me through August.


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