A collection of cameras

January 14, 2012

Some of my collection of cameras

Anyone who reads this blog knows I like taking pictures. This fall I learned how to use a darkroom. I also have the humble beginnings of a camera collection. I don’t spend much on them, thus I don’t have any really notable collectibles. I like ones that are still in working condition with film that can still be found.

Only a few of them just sit on my shelf. Most get out and about with me every few months.

The List:

Lomography Spinner 360 degree camera
Bought: New in Japan in September 2011
Functional: Yes
Film type: 35mm
Lens: Unknown
Fun facts: Uses four continuous shots to create a 360 spinning picture

Kodak Instamatic X-15
History: Made 1970-1976
Bought: Used
Functional: No, lack of film.
Film type: 126 film cartridge
Lens: Unknown
Fun facts: Love the loud click this one makes. You really know you are taking a picture – if I could still get film for it.

Argus Skylark
History: Web has little about this particular camera
Bought: Used
Functional: Appears to be
Film type: 110
Lens: Ansconar f5.6/24mm
Fun facts: I know nothing about this one.

Minolta Hi-Matic AF2
History: Launched in 1981 as successor to the Hi-Matic AF
Bought: Used in late 2011
Functional: Appears to be – just getting first roll of film developed
Film type: 35mm
Lens: Minolta F2.8/38mm
Fun facts: Just added this to the collection. Looking forward to see how it goes!

Olympus Trip 35
History: It was introduced in 1967 and discontinued, after a lengthy production run in 1984.
Bought: Used
Functional: Yes
Film type: 35mm
Lens: Olympus D.Zuiko F2.8/40mm
Fun facts: Simple. Useful. Think I got sand into it though.

Polaroid Impulse
History: It was released in 1988.
Bought: Found it in the free stuff at work.
Functional: Unknown
Film type: Polaroid 600
Lens: Unknown
Fun facts: Want to get some of the new imitation polaroid film and give it a go.

Minolta 110 Zoom SLR
History: Produced between 1976 and 1979.
Bought: Used about 4 years ago – started the collection.
Functional: Yes!
Film type: 110
Lens: Minolta Zoom Rokkor-Macro – a fixed 25–50 mm f/4.5-16 manual focus zoom with macro focusing down to 11 in (280 mm).
Fun facts: This was my first real addition to the collection. I think I should buy up some 110 film now while I still can, because I want to use this camera into the future.

Canon PowerShot A590IS
History: Released in early 2008
Bought: New in mid-2008
Functional: Has a smudge point in pictures where things blur.
Film type: Digital
Lens: Canon, 4x Zoom lens – 5.8 mm – 23.2 mm – F/2.6-5.5
Fun facts: This was one in a series of PowerShot cameras I had. One died when it ended up in my laundry.

White Lomography Fish Eye
History: None
Bought: New at Urban Outfitters about 5 years ago
Functional: Yes
Film type: 35mm
Lens: Unknown
Fun facts: The white case was a bad plan because light gets through around the lens and I would prefer just black around the fish-eye shot.

Konica Autoreflex T3
History: Introduced in 1973.
Bought: Used – a few years ago
Functional: Yes
Film type: 35mm
Lens: (2) Konica Hexanon AR 50mm F1.7 and Hanimex 70-210mm 1:3.5-4.5 Macro
Fun facts: This is my film baby. She has come with me many places, and though a battery issue caused some problems in Japan and Hawaii, I’m happy to report we’re all systems go again.

Kodak Colorburst 250
History: Introduced in July 1979.
Bought: Given as a gift from brother.
Functional: No, film unavailable.
Film type: Kodak PR-10, Instant film
Lens: f/1:12.8 100mm
Fun facts: Has nice lens strap.

Pentax P3
History: Made between 1988 and 1997.
Bought: Given by sister-in-law’s father.
Functional: Surprisingly, no.
Film type: 35mm
Lens: Magnicon Auto Zoom Macro F3.8-4.8, 28mm~80mm
Fun facts: Because I can’t figure out what is wrong with this camera, I’m considering pulling the whole thing apart to really see how it works.

Зенит-ET/Zenit ET
History: Part of a long line of Soviet Cameras – appears to be from 1991
Bought: At a flea market in NYC in 2009.
Functional: Yes, but some pictures are dark along the top – may have some light just barely getting in.
Film type: 35mm
Lens: Helios 44-3
Fun facts: Has “Made in the USSR” on the bottom despite USSR crumbling. Was last batch of cameras to have this.

Fujifilm Waterproof QuickSnap
Bought: New in Hawaii in 2010
Functional: Yes
Film type: One time use 35mm
Lens: Unknown
Fun facts: Never finished the roll so it just sits here and waits to be used.

Canon Rebel XTi
Bought: New in December 2007
Functional: Not really
Film type: Digital
Lens: Canon Zoom EF-S 18-55mm F3.5-5.6
Fun facts: I loved this camera through a lot of ups and downs. In early 2011 it was constantly telling me to restart the camera. I could barely get a shot off before it would “Error 99”. I may take it apart in the coming years.

Canon Rebel T3i
Bought: New in Calgary in May 2011
Functional: Very!
Film type: Digital
Lens: (4) Canon Zoom EF-S II 18-55mm F3.5-5.6, Canon Zoom EF 75-300mm F4-5.6, Canon EF 50mm F1.8, Lensbaby Muse
Fun facts: I never buy the really expensive camera bodies/lenses because, frankly, I don’t think I can afford them. I get good enough pictures from what I’ve got and unless I can make some money from photography, I can’t see it happening.

iPhone 4
Bought: New in Summer 2010
Functional: Very
Film type: Digital
Lens: 29mm equivalent
Fun Facts: Instagram has become one of my favourite apps, though if you post more than a handful of photos a day, I will delete you.




  1. Wow! 🙂

  2. You should totally sign up for the next 12x12YVR photo marathon!

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