The year in (200) photos

January 2, 2012


How about we recap the year in point form?
If it was down to one word, it would be “happy”.

Places I went:
Mexico: Barra de Potosi & Zihuatanejo
Vancouver Island: Victoria, Nanaimo & Tofino
Alberta: Canmore, Calgary & Edmonton
BC: Lower Mainland, Whistler, Sunshine Coast, Mayne Island, Harrison Hot Springs & Predator Ridge
Japan: Tokyo & Kyoto
US: Skykomish & Leavenworth, WA & Portland, OR

Life events:
Ended relationship
Started amazing relationship with Lefty the Australian
Won a broadcasting award
Turned 30
Moved from my Oak Street apartment
Moved in with Lefty the Australian
Got rid of my car
Changed role at radio station – now a reporter again

Seriously, it’s been an amazing year. Some hard decisions were made, but I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Lefty is the most wonderful man I’ve ever known and his presence has changed my life.

Can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store. 🙂



  1. Beautiful photos. And nice hammock boobs.

    • Okay just finished going through them. Some really beautiful moments captured here — and some really effing bizarre. Which I guess sums up your year (and life) pretty well. Well done, friend. High five!

      • High five!

  2. things that didn’t suck: 2011. things that are shaping up nicely: 2012.

    • wait, it’s too early to say that. Damnit if I jinxed it.

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