286: How did I get so attached?

October 14, 2011


My car almost made it to the scrap yard on Thursday. Traffic prevented it. Saturday it gets scrapped.

It makes me sad. The car still works. It has served me well for over 5 years. But the act of selling it on Craigslist was too much of a pain. So it goes to the scrap yard and I will get 50% off a bike.

If you see this post before the morning and you have a way to get me more than a credit towards a bike for a car that is in working order, let me know.

The boyfriend has a car. Eventually I’ll learn how to drive it – standard. But other than driving to sporting activities and places that should be easier by bus, car culture does not suit me.  I will rent forever if it means not becoming a commuter.

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  1. I’ll give you $1000 for it. Hope you sill have it. Would you take an out of town, third party, postdated cheque?

  2. I did the same thing in 2009 – had to scrap my ’89 Ford Probe after about 15 years (and the move from Edmonton to Vancouver) together, even though it still worked fine. A few tears showed up at the scrap yard. We became a 1 car family, but I took the $1000 Zipcar credit option, just for those days I really needed a car. Still have a little bit of the credit left, so we’ve saved a lot of $$.

    Still miss my car sometimes, though.

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