Fun fact: Unexpected milestone

July 9, 2011

I have been writing on this blog (and its two other names) since June 25th, 2005.

Relatively accurate depiction of what I would've looked like in June 2005.

I had returned to Edmonton from Europe a couple months before and was searching for my next step. This was before I was on the radio, or even attending broadcasting classes. This was before the Oilers or Canucks made the Stanley Cup finals, or even the trade that brought Chris Pronger to Edmonton.

I was back with the folks, working odd jobs and, without anything keeping me in Edmonton, looking to relocate.

I wrote a lot of junk back then.  My first five posts? Tim Robbins, TV, Conan O’Brien, Same Sex Marriage and Freaks and Geeks. …Okay, those are actually admirable topics compared to the “woe is me” years on this thing.

That was followed by a couple years of trying to figure out what I was allowed to say online as I got into a public career.

Last year I only posted 16 times.  Needless to say, the photo throwdown has got me back on board.

Since moving to WordPress, the last day of March in 2009, I have had 51,300 views. Add in the hits on the blogger version and the last six years have gotten me 132,984 views.

I don’t get personal on here much anymore, but with my 1,000th post, I’d like to personally thank you for coming.

I have always done this for me, but it’s nice knowing you’re out there checking in.

Thank you,



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