It’s all been said

June 17, 2011

I thought about giving my perspective of the Vancouver riots – watching the news from the comfort of my own home, listening to the radio and actively participating in the social media realm. But it’s all been said.

Blame whoever you want and there will be an ounce of truth to it. I’d like to put it all on those douchebags setting cars on fire and looting stores – but without a scenario to allow it, they will never be the only ones at fault. It’s a symptom of a bigger problem and I can only hope the stories of the heroes, like all those folks who got up early yesterday to take back the city with their brooms, are celebrated and those who rampaged are publicly shamed.

Here’s how I saw it, as it happened. Some of my tweets from Wednesday night.

Do your duty. If you recognize those douchebag rioters in photos, turn them in. 8:17 PM Jun 15th

Non-douchebags don’t riot. RT @WayneRacine: True #Canuck fans don’t riot. 8:20 PM Jun 15th

Want live coverage of the riots? Listen Live @News1130radio – just heard @jackermann live as people were throwing trash at him. Wed Jun 15 20:35:55 2011

Hey photogs – I’d love to be in there too, but you’re not making the situation better. Just go home. Wed Jun 15 21:12:30 2011

RT @cogno: I think everyone downtown needs to stop and masturbate for five minutes. Wed Jun 15 21:24:07 2011

GO. HOME. Wed Jun 15 21:33:34 2011

I’m appalled by what I’m watching on CTV. Wed Jun 15 21:58:03 2011

What did The Bay ever do to you? #riots Wed Jun 15 22:17:46 2011

.@irisdias There was a hockey game?! Wed Jun 15 22:48:59 2011

They probably didn’t know it was a chapters. #cantread RT @VancityBuzz: rioters smashed Chapters windows. Didn’t know they read #Vancouver Wed Jun 15 23:05:14 2011

2.5 million people in the Lower Mainland are ashamed, embarrassed, angry and sad. The other 10,000 deserve whatever they get from police. Wed Jun 15 23:07:33 2011

My FB status from June 10th was a joke: “I hope that when Canucks fans riot, they burn down an East Side Marios.” Wed Jun 15 23:11:15 2011

I finally got the anarchists’ attention with a tweet! They blame the police for overturning cars. Wed Jun 15 23:14:38 2011

It wasn’t just mob mentality RT @smuttysteff: The early rioters tonight wore black masks. They were here for Olympics too. Pro instigators. Wed Jun 15 23:44:32 2011

Edmonton’s source for Vancouver riot coverage! RT @TrendsEdmonton: Loxy, @loxyisme is now trending in #Edmonton http://t.co/f7bUbfu

Send the policing and repair bill to people like #brockanton: http://on.mash.to/mGXd8y Thu Jun 16 08:28:19 2011

The sad thing is that I bet there would have been a riot, even with a win – too many people with face masks were prepared to loot. Thu Jun 16 09:02:00 2011

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have The Facts of Riot, the Facts of Riot. Thu Jun 16 09:04:23 2011

Added commentary to one of the photos by @totallycoolpix … I call it “You are a dick” http://yfrog.com/hs8skwdj


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  1. Thumbs up to this pic. The night was awful.

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