98: Post-practice

April 9, 2011

Walking home from Canucks' practice (iPhone 4 - April 8th)

I had the pleasure of going to the Canucks practice this morning.  Now, I’m not a fan of Vancouver’s hockey team but I like sports and photography.  I wish I could go more, but I already have enough tasks waiting for me at work each day. I have them all on my flickr account.

A couple things came out of it:

1. I think I need to start saving for a new camera.  The Rebel XTi that has been with me since late 2007 needs to be restarted constantly.  Colour and white-balance settings were failing, forcing me to do lots of work after the fact.

2. I took the above picture as I walked over the Cambie Street Bridge.

3. I returned to the station and ran into our Sports Director who had taken me to practice.  Turns out, one of the players was asking about me. I’m sure he probably just thought I was scouting for the opposition or something.  Still…. A Yale-educated NHL player who is a fantasy hockey staple of mine? Heh.


If you don’t like my picture-a-day, you can always see what Andrea Woo is posting.


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