83: #YVRtwestival

March 24, 2011

Looking down at the world around (iPhone 4 - March 24, 2011)

So there is little proof that I attended my second Twestival tonight. I’m not a huge player in the social media game, but I can pick the who’s who out of a crowd and don’t feel completely out of place at such an event. But I do clam up at functions like this one.  I stick to the people I know and I stick to the edge of the room.

I brought a co-worker along this time to tag-team the party. But as I abandoned him throughout the night, it may have been better to come alone.  No fault of his – he’s a super nice dude. When I wandered, I always had a fall-back position.  I wasn’t forced out of my comfort zone, something these events should do.

Networking. It’s a skill I’m trying to develop.  Because I hear it’s not what you know, but who you know.

This is part of my photo-a-day challenge with Andrea Woo.


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