80: Extra cheese, please

March 21, 2011

Extra cheese, please (iPhone 4 - March 21, 2011)

This photo stems from two things:

1. I got stuck late at work and was mad hungry.

2. McDonalds has really been pushing the Filet-o-Fish. There are billboards and signs and it’s on sale. But the not-so-fun-fact is that the Filet-o-Fish only comes with half a piece of cheese.  Look at it next time you get one.  A friend discovered this when they failed to even put the half slice on his… burger? Sandwich? What is it?!

So today I asked for a full piece of cheese. Fun fact: They didn’t even charge me for it.

Check out my photo throwdown competitor and fellow Filet-O-Fish connoisseur Andrea Woo.


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