Thoughts on day 11

January 11, 2011



If you looked at this entry right after I posted it, you would have seen a different picture. I'm indecisive today. And I'm tempted to go out into the snow. (iPhone - January 11, 2011)

My competition/friend/support-network in this challenge, Andrea Woo, left some comments on her blog about the photo throwdown we are currently involved in.

Part of the problem of having two journalists* embroiled in this battle** is we are probably deadline-oriented people (at least I am).  I have never been able to do anything before the due date or, these days, the due minute. So, every evening as I realize I need my daily shot,  I’m forced to take it.  Sure, I’ve been ahead of the game sometimes, but that’s not a change in behaviour. I have always been a random photo-taker. Now I just have to hope those shots are good enough.

*I use that term loosely when describing what I do as a job.
**And by battle I mean struggle to not be the first one to tap out.

This evening, I was going to wait for the snow. But go figure, today’s the day I don’t need a last minute picture. I already have one ready to go.

In 11 days, I have taken just over 200 pictures – all on my iPhone and most using the hipstamatic app. I generally photowalk once a month, so hopefully I’ll be able to add DSLR or even film shots to the mix soon.

If nothing else, this exercise has got me looking more.  Now I just need to look more for exercise.  But that’s a whole other blog post.


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